Desi Kitchen by Sami

Established in 1974, to serve the first generation of Bangladeshi, Punjabi and Indian immigrants working and living in London, Meraz is one of London’s oldest and most respected Bengali restaurants.

Over the years, as the community settled and planted roots in London and as the reputation and awareness of “Indian” restaurants spread, Meraz has seen its clientele blossom from young single factory workers hungry for traditionally cooked snacks, lunches and meals to today’s multi-cultural, diverse and discerning patron.

Today Meraz serves customers from all walks of life, from keen connoisseurs looking for something more authentic to busy office workers in the City doing lunch at a place that they can rely on. 

Meraz still retains an affection for its established customers, indeed they can often be seen sitting and enjoying the Meraz taste most days, as well as a deep interest in the community, working with local bodies to try and preserve the history and charm of Brick Lane.

The Meraz philosophy has not changed, it remains one of respect for cooking tradition, from which is born a consistency and an aversion to fads that is greatly appreciated by all. A respect for the patron’s palate and comfort, innovating and striving to bring the best in service, atmosphere and presentation, and a passion for introducing Handi Cooked Foods to an ever growing audience.